The difference between Pallet Trucks and Stackers

Pallet trucks and stackers have a similar purpose, but their abilities vary. The purpose of each of these items is to move warehouse pallets from one place to another, the difference comes in with regards to the height that they can lift these pallets. Below are the differences between pallet trucks and stackers:

Pallet Trucks

These trucks are designed to move goods around on pallets at ground level and then placing them back on the ground. The lift height of pallet trucks is very low and so they are not able to stack items or place anything on shelves. The pallet trucks are generally used in sectors of the retail and wholesale industries. They can easily move around pallets of clothing or groceries and can even be used in store when reshuffling items. These trucks are normally quite affordable depending on the model that you are looking for.

Pallet Stackers

Stackers are also designed to move pallets from one place to the next, the difference is that they can lift the pallet up to 5 metres. Pallet stackers can easily stack and store goods at various heights. Which makes them perfect to use in warehouses for stacking shelves or for loading goods onto the back of a truck. Pallet stackers are slightly more expensive than pallet trucks because of their abilities.

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