Professionally designed and manufactured Castors

Castor King designs and manufactures niche solutions that can be integrated into a multitude of operational and industrial industries.

Castors are manufactured with the intention to support loads for transportation across industrial floors and factories. The wheeled device is mounted and attached to a larger object which then enables effective movement.

The advantages of incorporating castors from Castor King include the ease of mobility, lifting, transportation and ease of access. The larger capacity and requirement of castor wheels reduces the amount of effort and labour intensive activities in factories.

The castor wheel is sturdy enough and creates less friction. An additional niche characteristic of the castor wheels is the resistance to corrosion and depreciation on equipment. The castors are manufactured with the intention to support heavy loads and are extensively adjustable with the axle and bearing wheels.

Illustrative examples of castors used include shopping cart castors, lift truck castors as well as furniture castors. Castor wheels can also typically be used with smaller, lighter and compact objects.

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