Ball Unit Castors vs Single-wheel Castors

Castors are nifty little wheels that give mobility to a range of different kinds of furniture that we use at home and in the workplace. There are several types of castors available on the market, all of which exist to give you an abundance of options when you need to fit your chair or trolley with application-specific functionality.

In this blog, we’re going to be focusing on two popular kinds of castors: ball unit castors and single-wheel castors. These two types of castors are both dynamic and adaptable to several applications; let’s take a closer look at what they are, as well as their pros and cons.


The process of installing a Hillaldam industrial door

Industrial Hillaldam sliding doors are strong, sturdy, and durable heavy sliding doors that can offer your establishment with much needed security and protection against the elements, as well as a convenient way for your employees and vehicles to quickly enter and exit your building. 

Installing an industrial Hillaldam sliding door is a task that should only be performed by trained professionals, but for the sake of curiosity, we’ve decided to give a quick general guide to installing sliding doors.


The Different Types of Castors

Portability is one of the most overlooked, yet essential aspects of any modern-day workplace. From cordless tools and equipment to conveyor systems and trucks, being able to transport different things between different areas of your workplace is invaluable.

This ability saves you time and money while contributing towards workplace safety. One of the best ways to achieve this mobility is by using quality castors. In this blog, we’re going to take a quick look at what castors are, as well as 4 different kinds of castors available to you on the market – let’s roll!


How do ball units work?

In a nutshell, Alwayse Ball Transfer Units are omnidirectional load-bearing spherical balls which are designed to handle different kinds of materials. These devices are a type of conveyor system that allow materials to be quickly transported across an array of units known as ball transfer tables.

Ball units are esoteric devices that have significant applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. In this blog, we’re going to take a quick look at how these machines work and why you may want to consider investing in a few of them for your workshop.


5 Benefits of a Manual stacker

Castor King incorporates the highest standard of mobility, lifting, transport and access capabilities.

Manual stackers are predominantly used to provide lifting capacities and mechanisms to lift loads and to centre the heights. The stackers available from Castor King are versatile enough to be operated in confined and congested spaces as well as industrial contexts.


Professionally designed and manufactured Castors

Castor King designs and manufactures niche solutions that can be integrated into a multitude of operational and industrial industries.

Castors are manufactured with the intention to support loads for transportation across industrial floors and factories. The wheeled device is mounted and attached to a larger object which then enables effective movement.


What are Castor wheels used for?

Castor King is an industry specialist in supplying and manufacturing the highest calibre of castors, wheels, trolleys, lifting, ladders, and drum handling equipment, scaffolding, aluminium ball units, borkey express skates, conveyors and storage solutions.

We streamline the operational and project requirements that enhance aspects such as mobility, lifting, transportation and access.


The difference between Pallet Trucks and Stackers

Pallet trucks and stackers have a similar purpose, but their abilities vary. The purpose of each of these items is to move warehouse pallets from one place to another, the difference comes in with regards to the height that they can lift these pallets. Below are the differences between pallet trucks and stackers:


Why you should use Castor King

Castor King is a Cape Town based company with 3 branches in the area. We are focused on providing you products in the categories of mobility, lifting, transport and access. Castor King places emphasis on our ability to give you great deals and quality service. Here’s why you should use Castor King:


What makes us the best Castor Supplier in Cape Town?

Castor suppliers in Cape Town are plenty, but how can you be sure that Castor King is the best in Cape Town? There are many elements that set one brand apart from another, from their product offering to price and overall appeal of the brand itself. With a brand like Castor King, their reputation precedes them. This is a brand known for high grade products that can stand up to the task at hand.


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