5 Benefits of a Manual stacker

Castor King incorporates the highest standard of mobility, lifting, transport and access capabilities.

Manual stackers are predominantly used to provide lifting capacities and mechanisms to lift loads and to centre the heights. The stackers available from Castor King are versatile enough to be operated in confined and congested spaces as well as industrial contexts.

Here are 5 benefits of investing in a manual stacker for your industrial and manufacturing capacities:

  • Efficient stacking

The manual processes in warehouses require efficient planning and distribution. The stackers assist in ensuring that the materials are stacked in the most efficient manner.

  • Ability to stack multiple rows

As space might be a limitation in most factories, the sackers can be used to stack up the row to reach higher and across the diameter, which further facilitates accessibility.

  • Utilising heavier weights in shorter periods of time

The stacker can ensure that there is a versatile range of motion with the type of materials to reach containers or storage spaces as efficiently as possible.

  • Affordability

The market related offerings of stackers and the budget constraints are aligned.

  • Labour intensive tasks are minimised

Stackers reduce the amount of labour required in the factory.

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